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Beckham goes to America - for half a million... A WEEK!!!!!

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I''m not sure i believe this. New reports are talking of a 5 year deal worth 128 million! That''s 25million a year and just about half a million a week. That must make him the highest paid footballer in history. Probably about 3 times over. Where is all the money in the MLS? It''s not like they have the crowds to support that kind of outlay. Or maybe they do...Posh is gonna love swanning around LA spending all that money - must have been what swung it!

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Why are we so slow to react.. if we had got in first he could be here.. more Delialalalalalalalalala land for us all to digest! [;)]


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I just wish Beckham and his wife would just dissapear off the face of the planet. I couldn''t care less about them.

She must have brain washed him i reckon.

So a deal worth £128 million and yet his Dad still works his butt off to make ends meet as a plumber.

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will piss of everyone he plays against - MLS has a team wide salary cap

of $1.9m.  Wages are prob $900,000 or $1,000,000 per week actual

value will be lower as the dollar is very low at the moment.

Here is an artical from the washington post on other players salaries:

Juan Francisco Palencia , a former Mexican national team

forward who plays for Chivas USA, is the highest-paid player in MLS

this year with total compensation of $1.36 million -- more than

$400,000 ahead of the No. 2 player on the list, Los Angeles Galaxy

forward Landon Donovan .

According to documents obtained

yesterday by The Washington Post, Palencia will receive a base salary

of $692,308 and approximately $668,000 in bonuses. Palencia, who will

turn 33 tomorrow, scored three goals in nine games last year and has

not scored in three appearances this year. His teammate, 24-year-old

midfielder Juan Pablo Garcia , is fourth on the MLS list at $624,260.

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