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Happy New year you lot ....

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And may it be a HAPPIER new year than last year.

Lets hope Grant can build a squad that can get us pushing for promotion next season.

I''ve noticed that a lot of teams that have been in the top 6 (or just outside) for the last so many years building their team up, can suddenly get that extra confidence and get the promotion.

Eg. Reading, Sheffield Utd, Norwich, West Brom, Preston. Wolves, Leicester,  All seem to have buildt their team up and finish around the top 6 area for 2-3 seasons b4 getting that extra push to tip them over into the Prem.

Grant is right that a squad that can build together can get promtion again. Worthy did this with great affect after a playoff finally and then a 8th pos and then Promtion. Unfortunatly unlike Wigan, Reading, Portsmouth, we didn''t stay there, be it money or Worthy. No we must rebulid again under Grant.

Time and my season ticket money will tell.... if Grant is the right man. At least he speaks his mind to the post match reporter and the fans.

Happy New Year!

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