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Who wants an abandonment of the Wolves game on Saturday? I certainly do.

It will mean less games over the compressed festive period - and hopefully restrict the injuries to our small squad.

Would also lessen the risk of folk travelling in this awful weather.

Anyway, "Y''all have a great Christmas and New Year" and, STAY SAFE![Y]

If you all go into Lloyds and introduce yourselves after the Saarfend game - I''ll buy you all a drink!

I''ll be the one dressed up as Neil Doncaster.[:D][8-|] OTBC

It''s been an emotional experience, and I thank you all from the bottom of my fart.......for ignoring my inane, drivelling and WTF? Posts.....Pink ''Un''s resident ''LOONPANTS'' Mello x ;~) 


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Not going to that game unfortunately - anybody around perhaps for a friendly bit of banter after the QPR game?

Maybe Cluck should come down and it will be the battle of the feathers!

In the green corner we have Chicken 5''10" scratching feet and a sharp pecking beek!

In the yellow corner we have Cluck height unkown, webbed feet large bill and a rather evil set of eyes!

Maybe Angel could carry the round card!

Maybe at 12.46 my imagination is running riot after a bit to much white wine. time I should go to bed I think . . .

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