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You never hear me moan.. but

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You never here me moan , but i`m not to happy with the way things are going...

You all were happy with Worthy going, but are we really any better off ?

Some of you say that under grant we are picking up points good enough to be in at least the play-offs ?

Well my thoughts are that under grant we might have had a few good results away from home, but thats it, the word lucky springs to mind

Can anyone say that under grant we have played good attacking football, i know we seem to never be able to field a full strengh team under him, but  his tactics, well i just don!t  understant his tactics ?

While i agree we should always be looking up, but is it much different to looking down , the points between  the play-offs and the bottom 3 is not that much different so we should beware ?

So i guess what i`m saying is are we any better off under grant , than we would be under worthy ?            m

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