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Saint Canary

It's nearly December, here is my Xmas letter......

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Dear Santa and Delia,


I have been (for the most part) a good fan this year, cheering my team on at every home game and all but 7 away games.  I have renewed my season ticket, bought a new kit and various other paraphernalia from the club shop.  I have a Canaries World subscription and I own shares. I even wear my awful polyester NCFC club tie to work occasionally.  I do a 400 mile round trip for every home game and I don’t think I am being greedy or unfair in what I am asking for this Christmas.  I think I have been good enough to at least ask.


Please, please, please can have some ambition this Christmas?  I have been given prudence for the last two years and I have tried to like it but it’s getting boring.  Even the message that comes on the box for prudence is getting repetitive and dull.  It’s worse than getting socks from M&S!!


I feel I have been seriously let down in recent years and any decent presents that resemble ambition have been a) too late or b) a replacement for the previous years present which was wrapped up and given to someone else. 


We all had a lovely Christmas 3 years ago and if you could arrange for something similar this time round I would be a very happy boy.   

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