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Pete Raven

Just got back from Burnley

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And I''m still buzzing despite the 6 hour journey home!

What a game! Best away day I''ve been to in ages.

First half saw two attacking teams who are great at coming forward against a reknowned tight defence having an off-day and a defence famous for letting in goals by the hatful. You just knew at half-time that you hadn''t seen the last City goal.

Second half our defence was back to its mean self and the front three were awesome (especially Darren McRib Huckerby). Seems Svensson has got his confidence back and is up to match fitness = goals goals goals!

The away support was awesome too - enjoying banter with Green in the final ten minutes. Highlights included him looking confused and counting on both hands when we asked him the score, and showing us four fingers when we chanted England''s Number One.

Was also lovely to see all the players looking over the moon as they went down the tunnel in our stand at the end of the game. Huckerby gave us the subtle finger pointing to the Premiership. Whereas Worthy went the whole hog jumping up and down and thrusting both forefingers skywards. Plus, Delia was dancing away in the Directors Box - a great day. We ARE going up!

PS As for what''s happened to Brennan - he was sat in the away stand with Shacks and Jarvis looking grumpy!

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