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Norwich City, the new Real Madrid?

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anyone who gets 4-4-2 magazine might of read the latest issues feature on the Decline of Real Madrid, I have, and i notice 1 or 2 similarities with our own Norwich City.

  Real Madrids lowest point came last season, with a 6-1 hammering at the hands of Real Valladolid.

 what led to the decline was that the business side of the club was focussed on more than the playing side. Unproven managers were brought in and given money to waste... The President of the club stuck his ore in, dictating who should be bought, and who should be signed...

during madrids 3 years without a trophy, they lost money, throwing it at business ventures, when players were signed or contracts were agreed it was as a PR sweetener to keep the fans on side (now where does that sound familiar?) as a result, results started to fail the club. The clubs image and bank balance was far more important than success on the field.  with the president seeming determined to see the club richer and richer, with a demoralised squad that (although racked with so called "stars") wasnt anywhere near good enough to challenge. Fans were starting to complain at what was going on but the president stood defiant.

 one former Madrid player even came out and said publically that the decline would continue because the club would paper over the cracks with a "pointless signing, an announcement, or some sacking somewhere" (Steve Foley ring any bells with our example?), Norwich City constantly make announcements or rely on PR pap from the same players to try and keep the fans on their side.  we see the same names interviewed in the press with the same "we want to get the premiership" mentality when its obvious the squad isnt good enough.

 Spending millions on players (which we did under Worthington) who werent getting the result (although in Madrids case they did actually offload more players than they signed.. something we dont do) was the final straw.

 the fans wanted home grown youngsters, or decent players who actually were proud to play for the club, not some over paid prima donna who didnt give 2 s**ts.

 Business decisions and "prudence with ambition" took over sporting decisions and Madrid paid the price.

 the solution? the fans ousted the club president, then a vote took place for who should replace them... the fans decision, therefore it is their fault should it all go horribly wrong... Madrids so called "stars" are on the way out, figo, robinho, Beckham etc are making way... youth players, free transfers, and players who aren''t world class big names but are capable of becmoing it have been signed.. and the club is back on an even keel heading for success....

 As i have said for a long long time there are no football brains on the board.. in a way similar to madrid (www.fourfourtwo.com has the full article) we are in the same decline.. the board rely on PR, to win us over.. on Spin and on setting someone up for a fall (Grant), and come out shining at the end of it.. we are in decline too... and will a change at the very very top make a difference?

time will tell...

jas :)

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Top posting jas. 

"Will a change at the very very top make a difference?"  It''s got to the stage at CR where nothing else will.  It could happen sooner than we think.


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