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What do we all think of our new manager so far?

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Ok Vote Update:

The results are as follows

1''s - 4

2''s - 3 votes (1st wiz changed his mind)

3''s - 6 votes

4''s - 18 votes

5''s - 14 votes

6''s - 3 votes

7''s Nobody

The average score has gone up quite a bit 4.48

so it looks as though most are prepared to wait and see what the guy can do in the longer term.

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It has probably gone up because the emotive side of the argument has died down since Saturday evening, as it will.

If we win on Saturday it''ll rocket to 17.246, and if we lose, I think he''d struggle to get a positive figure... not that we''re a fickle bunch [;)]

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