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I am slightly confused by this PG thing. I can agree to a certain extent with the basis of his comments as he was reffering to the last part of the game when we were 1-0 up and not the whole game as it has been represented elsewhere. However I was there and was as nervous as everyone else that we would blow it (as we did) and this affects your mood immensely.

The part that confuses me with Grant''s comments is his interview on Radio Norfolk directly before the game when he commented on the previous dire showing at Scum town and that the fans should get better than they had witnessed there. He also went on to say that it was up to the team to inspire the fans and if they didn''t then the team should know what to expect and fans are quiet and negative for a reason.(This is not a verbatim account but my recollection of his comments)

I was then confused by his comments after the game regarding the contradiction with his pre match interview and more so greatly concerned by his view that we displayed passion and commitment as this was certainly not in evidence in anyone other than Dublin, Shackell, Drury, Ernie and for @1/2 of the game Hucks. (I think Hucks became deflated by the ref and his dire handling of all challenges on him but he doesn''t always help himself here does he?)

I think there is a tendency to go overboard regarding what he has said and I did immediately after reading them in the Sunday Times yesterday but whilst I think what he says in essence could be fair comment as an opinion he may be better suited waiting until the name plaque on his door has stuck on firmly before criticizing those of us that have been about a bit longer particularly given the state of the club immediately prior to his involvement.

The players need to show a commitment to the shirt and the fans-it is what they are paid to do and it is not about ability but trying to win, running till you drop, challenging everything and looking like you give a toss.



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