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Interesting to see that people are saying that Robinson is now the worst ever City player. He did have a poor game on Saturday, although personally I felt that Etuhu was far worse, as did most papers, giving him the lowest marks. It''s all well saying that these players should be dropped, but who have we got to replace them with? I think our midfield contributes to most of the problems, as we lack any quality players. This means that our forwards never get good service, and the defence is always under pressure because we give the ball away so cheaply. Any combination of Hughes, Etuhu, Robinson, Safri and McVeigh, in my opinion, is not going to give us a midfield that dominate games. With the exception of McVeigh, who just seems to have lost his way at present, the others are average players at best, who were signed by a manager who squandered what money he had (Hucks and Ashton obvious exceptions!!).

Perhaps the board will give PG some much need funds, to get some new blood in our dire midfield come January, although somehow I won''t be holding my breath.

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