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Norwich Vs Ipswich Player ratings!

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Gallacher - 6 - Not the best game he''s every had

Colin - 6.5 - Played well and strong defensively

Doherty - 5 - Awful, the root of todays lose, why didn''t Dublin start!

Shackell - 7 - Made some great saves for gallacher and had fairly good game

Drury - 6.5 - Average with some good tackles

Robinson - 4.5 - Made mistakes and bad passes, out in January

Hughes - 4.5 - Bad game for him, bad play and bad vision

Chadwick - 7.5 Best Norwich player, well taken goal and great defensive covering when needed.

Huckerby - 7 - Played well, create havoc but in small amounts

Earnshaw - 6 - Was marked up to high heaven providing him ever touching the ball, unlucky not to score from a corner


Eagle - 6 - Promising 10 minutes from the young kid,showed good awareness and good at corners. Star of the future

Dublin - 5 - Didn''t get into the play, would have been far better starting in defence!


Best Ipswich players: Legwinski and Haynes

Referee - 7 - Very fair and good at keeping tempers down,good choice to ref the match!

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Gallacher -4

colin- 4

docherty - 3

shackell 4

drury- 5

robinson - 3

hughes 3

etuhu - 4

chadwick 5

huckerby 5

earnshaw 5

Maybe mine are harsh, but fair. We couldnt pass, we couldnt defend, we couldnt even keep the ball for any amount of continued play. No one played like they can, robinson and hughes should be out when it comes to jan, lets atleast hope so.

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no mark for etuhu then? as i said on my thread about ratings, did he turn up?? dont agree with marks for hux and earny they were both poor!!!

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7 for Huckerby you must be joking! he was not even in the game, one good cross was about his lot today, the whole team deserve about 5 out of ten, with Hughes and Robinson sharing a score of 5.

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Gallacher - 7 couldnt do much about the goals

Colin - 6 didnt do a lot really

Shackell - 7 at fault for the first goal but did well apart

Doherty - 5 poor, poor, poor

Drury -   6

Etuhu - 3 seemed to appear for a touch every 20 minutes or so

Hughes - 5 poor but far from the worst today

Robinson - 4 did he just lump it forwards every time?? appalling

Chadwick - 7 scored and gave his all

Huckerby - 5 no service at all, and did nothing...  how can he play when all we are getting is lumping it forwards??

Erny - 5 tried but to no avail and missed his only real chance, how can he play with these midfielders behind him


Dublin - 5 did nothing really - no service at all

Eagle - 6 had a couple of neat touches


Ashdown - ????  why??

McVeigh - his ncfc career must be coming to an end now if grant won''t bring him on

Thorne - -6000 pounds every week, what a waste, please leave.

Peter Grant - 4  APPALLING decision to drop Dion and bring Doc in, weird failing tactics.

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[quote user="Tom NCFC"]

Sorry I missed Dickson!

Etuhu - 6.5 - Best of a weak midfield. Average game from him!


The reason you missed him off is probably because he barely touched the ball in 90 minutes.  He was totally missing, and although everything robinson and hughes did was awful, at least they touched the ball.

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Gallacher - 6.5 - Made some good saves and prevented a cricket score-line.

Drury - 5.5 - Backed off advancing players, reasonable in attack.

Doherty - 4 - Tree trunk legs was the cause of a dismal performance. Some good last-ditch tackles, but was so easily turned.

Shackell - 6 - Cleared off the line in 1st half, made a contribution in attack.

Colin - 5.5 - Some excellent crosses, backed off too much in defence.

Huckerby - 6.5 - Bore the brunt of our attack, gave defence time to recover. Made the goal.

Robinson - 5 - Poorish, had some heart though.

Hughes - 4.5 - Poorer.

Etuhu - 5.5 - Did OK-ish.

Chadwick - 6 - Scored a goal on his debut, needs to pass more accurately.

Earnshaw - 5.5 - Should''ve scored late on, was missing for most of the match.

Subs: Eagle - 5.5, Dublin - 5.5.

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WHAT THE F*** DID WE JUST WATCH????????????????????????????????????????



Gallacher 6- Couple of decent stops. hard to judge him with the crap he hand in front.

Colin 6- Improving crossing and getting forward, still not there tactically but improving.

Doherty 5- Going to be said time and time again, but where was Dublin. The couple of good challenges he made were due to the mistakes he made in the first place.

Shackell 6- Not a bad game for him, the rest of the back four made him look worse than he played.

Drury 5- Usual balls down the line, but never seemed comfortable defensivly. All over the place when players ran at him.

Chadwick 6- Battled well, just hope he can produce the form he once showed at Manchester, he hasnt for west ham or stoke. Potential.

Etuhu 6- The only midfield player who looked bothered.

Robinson 3- When everyone started slating him i stuck by him, i could see the good things he does. But today he doesnt even come close to being a football player and doesnt deserve to be associated with norwich city. Has to leave.

Hughes 4- Did seem to try, as he always does, but just doesnt have it. Has to leave.

Huckerby 4- Usually thrives on big games and kills his main opponent, but never looked up for it and just didnt get the luck to spur his game on.

Earnshaw 6- Completely isolated but did well when he eventually got the ball. Tried to create but should have scored with a header and the chance at the end.


The point of playing 4-5-1 , 4-3-3 (whatever) is to have a midfield. i accept that with that formation that chances will be few a far between and that we have to be clinical whenever a chance comes our way, but the midfield was non existent.

It wasnt so much that we played badly that hurt. It was the fact we didnt even look bothered. No crunching tackles, defending was awful, never closed down or got in their faces, no passion,nothing. If something isnt done about these players attitude towards things then there could be a massive struggle on. Dont get me wrong weve been fantastic in previous games leading up to today, but this morning i saw glimpes of the norwich of old, in the worst game possible, and i didnt like it at all.

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Gallagher 6 - didn''t have a huge amount to do but made a couple of good saves. Was lucky though that his parries didn''t fall for Ipswich players on a couple of occassions when he pushed balls straight back into the area.

Colin 6 - best of the back four for me. Put in a couple of decent crosses and made some solid tackles.

Shackell 5 - Average game as the defence as a whole were shocking. Looks much more confident with Dublin alongside him than Doherty. Some good tackles though.

Doherty 4 - Why oh why was he brought back in? Poor positional play and was constantly holding or pulling Lee. Was very fortunate not to give away a penalty and only scores a four because of some good blocks/tackles in the first half.

Drury 5 - No howlers but not much of substance either. Didn''t really get forward and was left exposed by Hucks. I wonder if all the disturbed nights with his new baby are taking their toll?

Hughes 4 - The whole midfield were poor and Hughes was equally bad. He was unlucky not to score with his header but was anonymous for much of the game and couldn''t keep hold of the ball.

Robinson 4 - Same as Hughes really. Couldn''t keep the ball and passing was poor. Should be let go in january.

Etuhu 5 - Best of the midfield but nothing special. Gave the ball away too much and didn''t shoot at any point which he needs to do more often when the strikers aren''t getting any service..

Huckerby 5 - Not one of his better games. Gave the ball away a fair bit and didn''t track back much either. Needs to improve and work harder for the team.

Chadwick 7 - My man of the match. Scored on his debut and some of his tackling back was brilliant. He worked hard for the team and was the only player who looked like he was truly up for the game. Still not a huge amount going forward though and looks like he may be out for a while now with the shoulder injury.

Earnshaw 5 - No service but not a good game for Earnie. Should have scored with his head and then late on with his foot. He often had to come deep and lost the ball too much when he did.

Subs: Dublin 5 - Offered very little. Should have done better with a header on goal and didn''t win that much else in the air. He is definitely a better central defender than striker and he should have played there today!

Eagle 5 - one or two nice touches but didn''t really get into the game. Still he didn''t do anything wrong and looks a useful prospect!

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Gallagher   5.5   Didnt look convincing but made 1 good save

Colin   5    Failed to show his recent good form, constantly left players unmarked

Drury   6    Didnt notice anything that bad, but part of a defence that together was shit.

Doherty   5   Some good interceptions, but always looked unconvincing, left his man, off thew pace.

Shackell   5   Made to look stupid for goal 1, poor distribution, poor marking

Etuhu   6   Had 1 good spell in the first half, apart from that the best of the midfield but still careless.

Robinson   5 Gave it away far too mouch

Hughes   5     Gave it away far too much!

Huckerby   6   Not given the ball enough, looked average when on it

Chadwick   7   Good finish, got stuck in MOM

Earnshaw   6   No service


Dublin   5   Better at the back, off the pace completely

Eagle    6   Looked OK


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Gallacher - 3  - A goalkeeping disgrace. Hoofed the balls aimlessly forward when Earnshaw was alone up front. No communication. Passed the ball to an ipswich player 10 yds out who was thankfully useless. Total lack of command of his box. I don''t know what others see in this keeper - his saves are good but his all round game is worse, worse, worse than Judas Marshall.

Colin - 5 - all over the shop. Passing poor, but tackling ok. Lucky to get support from Chadwick.

Drury - 6 - MOTM I just wish he was as good at passing as he is at tackling. His tackling was superb, his aimlessly chips down the flank WERE NOT.

Doherty - 5 - why is he getting so much stick??? People are just scapegoating him. Grant should have stuck with Dion, but with very little support from defensive (HA!) midfield did a manful job.

Shackell - 5.5 - Patchy. Sometimes great, sometimes woeful. Needs some good, good coaching.

Hughes - 4 - Oh dear. Oh dear. I will always defend someone that tries his balls off, but when he received a ball from a throw-in with no pressure, controlled it, then passed it straight off the pitch just about summed him up. SQUAD player.

Robinson - 3 - doesn''t deserve this rating. I''m just trying not to be too reactionary. The worst player in the squad. I''d rather Fleming played in CM.

Chadwick - 5.5 - going to be good for us. Seems to understand how to play the game. No doubt he will soon settle into being a lazy sod like the rest of them.

Etuhu - 3 - I think he played. But I can''t be sure.

Huckerby - 3 - I think he played. But I can''t be sure.

Earnshaw - 2 - gets away scot free with a WOEFUL performance. Well, he''s not getting away with it as far as I''m concerned. Not good enough Robbie, go and work on your first touch (which is worse than my Grandmother''s), heading and positional play.

Grant - 1 - rotten. Rotten line-up, but even worse was the lack of motivation shown.

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I agree with other posters that our scouting network is very poor, and Granty needs to over haul this for his tenure to have any positive future

Gallacher 6- never had a chance with the shower that were playing infront of him.

Colin 6- Thought he did ok and showed some good composure on the ball at times

Doherty 4 - Very poor, we lost an organiser in Dublin. A leader is needed in the back four

Shackell 7- At least he had the stomach for the fight

Drury 5- Far to much space given down the flank, must do better

Chadwick 6-  Done well, just hope he isn''t out for too long. Felt the challenge was well over the top and shared similarities with Thatcher challenge on Mendes with the amount of malice and intent the player went in with.

Etuhu 6- On the ball he looked ok, but with Hughes and Robinson he will not perform, needs a big player beside him to keep him on his toes.

Robinson 3- What is his job, shocking today, bad on the ball and weak in the challenge, not good enough

Hughes 4- What can I say, as usual poor. Player isn''t good enough. We all know it, please get rid.

Huckerby 5- Not a good Huckerby day. He needs competition for the left wing berth. Well off the pace

Earnshaw 5 -What can we expect, the service today to him was shocking, truly shocking. Give the guy a chance.

Dublin 6- Should have started in Defence which totally lacked any leadership thus leaving us badly exposed

Eagle 6 - The young fellow did all that could be asked and actually made us look threatening from a corner which I haven''t see for thirty years now.

To be there to witness this was not a good experience. We did not have the stomach for the fight and badly lacked any ability in all areas of the park. This just highlights the massive task that Grant has. Drastic changes are needed and if not implemented the prem will remain a distant dream.

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I dont know what game youwere watching but I rate these players differently to you;

HUCKERBY = 2  A lazy pathetic performance, constantly refused to track back and give cover on the left.

DOCHERTY = -2,  the worst player on the pitch, as you say why on earth was DUBLIN replaced with this waster?

EARNSHAW = 2.  yes he was marked out of the game but as soon as that was evident didn''t try or make any effort.

DRURY = 4.  Left on his own too much but can''t pass the ball.

HUGHES = 1,  All effort and no play, only because he hasn''t the ability.

ROBINSON = 1.  What a pathetic performance, to think he''s getting paid for this!

SHACKLE = 9.   He''s getting better each game.

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Gallagher 5

Colin 6

Doherty 5

Shackell 6

Drury 6

Chadwick 6 

Hughes 4  Even an under-performing Safri is better than this waste of space

Robinson 4 Appalling AGAIN

Etuhu 5 Good first half, anonymous in 2nd,

Huckerby 6 Not at his best but do we expect him to win every match for us? Why expect him to track back. He never has done and we have 3 other midfielder who should provide sufficient defensive cover.Still the best player at the club until Grant and the board let him go in January.

Earnshaw 5


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Gallacher  4  nervous, edgy, and awful on crosses.

Colin 6 }

Shax 6  }  Under the cosh all game and defended fairly well in the circumstamces.  Need better in front

Doc 6  }   of them but any defence under that pressure will suffer

Drury 6 }

Chadwick 6 Saw very little of the ball and too anonymous too often, right place for goal, couple of good tackles.  Looks like a good addition to the squad

Robinson, Hughes, Etuhu 3   No passion, no committment, nothing in defence and nothing going forward,  consistently gave the ball away and unable to retreive it despite outnumbering their opponents.  Shocking and should not be paid this week.

Hux 4  Simply not involved, and rarely looked for the ball.  Poor distribution from the midfield meant he was spectator.

Earnshaw 4  No service but a shocking miss from the sumptous cross from Colin. Offered no out ball with poor movement and worse hold up play.


Dublin - 5 offered nothing to the game at all - did not hold the ball up either.

Eagle 5 - no impact in short time on pitch  

MOTM?  Hard to say but for me was either Colin or Shacks - both cleared off the line and provided the best creative bits too - shax with his dribble and Colin with the cross;  says it all really.

On to forget and move on - two steps forward one step back


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Gallacher  5 - Stood watching cross after cross fly into his area. With that shambles infront of him he didn''t have a chance.

Colin 5 - Had the occasional decent foray forward. Got caught out of position too often though.

Docherty  3 - Poor from start to finish. He panicked under pressure, was easily turned, and distributed the ball poorly. Constantly retreated deep into the penalty area, instead of making tackles and holding a high line of defence.

Shackell  5 - Looked much more uncertain with Doc beside him. Was out of position for the first goal. Remained positive in the 2nd half though in trying to get a leveller, heading on for Earnie, and a nice run into the box earlier on.

Drury 3 - Disgraceful performance. Continually gave the wide players time and space cross the ball into our box unopposed all game long. Wingers must absolutely love facing Drury.

Robinson 3 - Gave the defence little protection. His distribution was awful.

Hughes 3 - Didn''t know what to do with himself, as usual.

Etuhu  4 - At least he tried to get forward at times. But still mostly anonymous.

Chadwick 5 - Positive signs with the goal and his tracking back. Maybe the lack of service from the central three made him come inside a lot, but he should have stayed out wide more. Hope the injury isn''t as bad as it looked.

Huckerby 5 - A poor game by his standards. But at least he gave us some penetration going forward.

Earnshaw 4 - Isolated. Had a couple of half-chances. Little he can do if he doesn''t get the service.

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Gallagher 6 - Good saves, too many attempts shot at him and really had no chance of keeping a clean sheat today with what was in front of him.

Colin 6/7 - Great going forward, shame he only was able to once or twice. Looked composed and the only defender not underpressure. Those that say he doesn''t mark or play his position correctly are wrong it''s doherty that tells him to come inside and come his mistakes...

Doherty 3 (maybe even 2) - woeful, made lee and clarke look like superstars which they aren''t at all. Slow, clumsy, thick etc. Shows to all the home fans what he is usually like away from home against a decent team. Hopefully we can sell in january and get a good young defender.

Shackell 7 - wore his heart on his sleve, gutsy performance considering he had to bear the brunt of most of the ipswich attack down the left centre channel

Drury 4/5 - Tried hard but was never at the races, didn''t stop enough crosses which led to alot of the pressure, but i do bare in mind he was isolated due to huckerby''s laziness

Huckerby 4 - lazy, showed no threat for 80 odd minutes of the match (minus 10minutes in the 2nd half). Not his former self (maybe due to grant asking him to do some work going back) but seriously this is a big problem with his apparent lack of penetration going forward

Hughes 3 - tried hard but we can''t have players of his quality if we want to go up. Lack of good tackles as well which probably led to some problems.

Robinson - 3 maybe 2 seeing as he does NOTHING. Mr. invisble, no tackles, no passes, no runs, nothing. Only time you saw him was when he did bad fouls or gave the ball away

Etuhu - 5/6 Part of a poor midfield and only midfield performer. Tackles, runs but we had so little territory and possesion in decisive areas that with his style of play he couldn''t do much. Tracked back to find the ball but was in the wrong area then and left the Earnie isolated

Chadwick - 7 Similar to etuhu but worked his socks off and ran everywhere, you would have thought he''d been playing in the derby as long as malky had. shame he looks injured as i couldn''t wait to be seeing him, etuhu and safri in midfield.

Earnie - 4 If you han''t got the ball you can''t do anything. He didn''t have the ball

Dublin - 6 caused some problems but it was too late, must be shocked that he didn''t get started at CB today.

Eagle - 6! Feel sorry for the poor boy getting some abuse off the wee ipswich fans cat whistling him oh well showed them that at least one of the super yellows can take a corner!

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