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Just 2 random things...

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Just some stuff I thought I''d post...


I read an Ipswich fan talking after their 2 recent defeats. He explained them away by saying that

"You don''t become a bad side over night..."

...you can, on the other hand, become a good side for 4 matches, and then go back to what you were before.


I''m not sure what the current Earnie song situation is, but I''m convinced that those going on Saturday should start singing my signature. If I still had my season ticket in the Barclay, it would already be at home. Alas, I''m relying on others...

For hints, it is to the tune of The Automatic with ''What''s that coming over the hill? is it a monter, is it a monster!'' (if that helps). Also, as I was thinking about this last night as I brushed my teeth (as you do), the chant would work particularly well with a loud prolonged "Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............." at the start. You get the idea. 

So, if you''re going on Saturday, make it happen... [:D]

No pressure...

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