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Take your time, Delia,

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-we''ve got to get the right man this time. Don''t take the esay way out - internal promotion, cheapest or easiest to acquire, etc. Get the right man, however long and however much it costs. The wrong man could consign us to mediocrity or even relegation. The Club has loyal support, but iff it falls off and income falls, we could have a downward spiral.The Club is at something of a low ebb - good ground and set-up, money-making assets, but we have a very small squad, barely more than a first team if you discount the deadwood, and we have little cover in many positions. We shall not be able to "buy ourselves out" of failure, especially with our accumulated debt and the end of parachute payments. One prize asset, Hux, is coming to towards the end of his potency.We need a man who will rebuild the squad, puchasing wisely at low cost and developing our youth.We nned a man who is perceptive and intelligent - quick to change team selection and adapt tactics to exploit opponent weaknesses and neutralise their strengths.We need a man secure in himself, who will keep us on side by admitting mistakes, and being honest.We need a man who will encourage good football, - the passing game, enjoyable to players, and who can motivate the players to greater consistency.Above all, and you have your criteria you annunced, we need a plan over the medium term. We had one before, and perhaps we were blown off course by promotion earlier than expected, but we cannot allow the downward drift of the past 18 months.

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