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My thoughts on todays events...........

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Firstly, i''d like to commend the board for speaking up.  To say I am surprised is an understatement,  I do have concerns though.The statement seems a little too heavily weighted toward the players for my liking, almost as though they we too afraid to single out the manager. This isn''t ideal.  Yes, the players have underperformed over the last few matches but in all honesty they have underperformed for nigh on 18 months and that has to be down to a lack of motivation and desire, this is the job of the coaching staff (read manager).My other MAJOR concern is the fact that they have been given two games, I say ''they'' becuase I am unsure as to who the statement is aimed at and what the consequences are, are we sacking players here aswell?!?!?!??! (obvoiusly not but you get my point)  This statement leaves the whole club treading on eggshells, too afraid to do or say anything for want of ''causing a stir''  The statement raises more questions than it answers and that isn''t good news for a team/manager who are already confused by the whole situation.I think we have bascially written off the next 6 points. What happens if we win at Burnley and lose at QPR.......for me those two results would sum up our season so far and would be unacceptable, will it get him the sack however??!?!? who knows.  What happens if we win those two games (as we should!) and then go on to lose the next 4!?!?!? For me the statement is too vague in some areas and far to detailed in others, why put  timeframe on it?  Whichever way you disect it - Worthington has been given the  ''dreaded Vote of Confidence''  its just a shame Delia felt the need to add a few extra ingredients to try and mask the true taste!

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