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IF and its a BIG IF he goes .... EXTRA POSTING ...

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''If he goes and its a big if'' is starting to turn into ''not if ... but when!''

Great to see so many possible names for the soon to be empty post.

A liitle extra thought. Most people are saying that if Keegan comes in, Hucks will go.

Not that I''m bothered if Keagan ever did come BUT ...

Do you think that Norwich have over relied TOO MUCH on Hucks playing . In other words, most non-Norwich people say that if we don''t have Hucks or if you cut him out of a game, Norwich are nothing.

Is this a worrying issue on its own. As in 1-2 years Hucks will retire. And then what of Norwich?

Its True Croft is a good player on the other side, but even the Pinkun and other papers state ''Hucks maybe out still with an injury'' as if its the end for Norwich.

I hope he stays untill he retires BUT we must stop relieing on him.

ONE Man don''t make a Team!

Cheers Again ...

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i no wev dropped alot of points without hucks but id be more worried on us becoming too reliant on earnie. hes our only decent striker and he cud easily leave any time before huckerby if a prem team wanted him, then we really wud hav nothing up front

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