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...but plenty of jokes!

If you can''t laugh what can you do eh? I think Nigel summed it up when he said ''I''m a very simple man''! Taking Croft off after 70 minutes just confirmed to me that this man (as I did already pretty much think) does need men in white coats to come and take him away.

However, we must give him credit. For anyone, for starters, to continue standing on the sidelines with the whole of Carrow Road asking him to leave, deserves respect. And afterwards, for him to give an interview to the TV and Radio, again, deserves respect. He''s a nice guy, who has done well for us, and, will be remembered as one of the 5 or 6 best managers that this club has ever had. I couldn''t help but feel sorry for him at times.

But as someone who throughout the past 8/9 months has believed that the manager is at fault for the decline of the club, the players need to take a certain amount of responsiblity for today, and the other disasters. We watched our side, who only a month ago were playing good, flowing football, play today we no passion or belief. They showed no passion for the club or the manager, and that for me is unacceptable.

Don''t get me wrong, I want Nigel gone, he takes 85% of the blame for this mess. But, the players have let him donw big time, and they (partially) have cost a good man his job.

Thanks for everything Nigel, but, your time is up.

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