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South Norfolk Old Boy

Turn the lights out when you leave Delia.

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“It is better to travel in hope than to arrive” – how often have we heard that said.

In my opinion the worst thing that has happened to this club was not Uncle Bob Chase - it was promotion to The Premiership at a time when everyone inside the club was taken completely by surprise and hadn’t budgeted for it. Result – take the money, make some half hearted investments in old players and budget to go back down again (the Club stated that was the position). We then had to endure an embarrassing season with Delia hardly out of the media telling everyone about “Little Old Norwich”, following the Charlton Blueprint (some blueprint!) and ranting at half time for the Sky cameras.

Down we go as predicted and expected and the players have a taste for defeats and losing away from home. Hey-presto we go and do it all over again against poorer teams only this time Delia keeps very quiet. The protests start and she digs her heals in. All the other board members do their bit and antagonise the supporters even more.

We struggle to the end of the season and our Chief Exec and Chairman assure us the money is there for the new players so clearly needed – only they never arrive. Maybe players are not so silly as some make out. Maybe it’s their agents. Maybe the money has been invested in other areas and isn’t there after all.

Ten games in – the manager says he doesn’t feel under any pressure and neither do the players. How insulting is that!

Finally Delia and Michael do come out and make a statement – and it’s a fudge.

Nigel Worthington IS a poor manager. He has proved that over the past 2 ½ seasons. But the real blame for the situation we find ourselves in lays at a different door. Frighteningly for all the real supporters it is the door of someone who doesn’t understand football in anything like enough depth and hasn’t got the bottomless pockets required to create a Premiership club.

After watching football at Carrow Road for 45 years I’m afraid I now feel like I’m attending a huge Leisure Complex where the incidental entertainment is a football match.

Thanks Delia. Turn the lights out when you leave love!


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I honestly think Delia and the board should be given credit for showing loyalty, even if it was misplaced, to Nigel; too often in the past we have seen clubs react in a knee-jerk way in getting rid of a manager. One would hope there was a plan B made if things did not go right today, and that that plan is now swinging into action.


What is needed no is action, by the board, and something done and quick. It seems to me that the players have no self belief, and when the first goal goes in, it''s a case of how many.


I would hope that delia and Michael do the right thing, and then move the club forward again; unlike many on these boards, I do have faith in Delian and the board, although that is being tested now, and I would hope that they take the only action now available to them, which would not make them look foolish.


I also was hoping that there would be a quick resolution to things after the game; after the statement, it seems like an opn and shut case for Nigel to be given his carriage clock and shown the door; maybe discussions are still taking place, but this being Norwich, who knows?

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