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Chicago Cub

A White Donkey

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Went Ten Pin Bowling yesterday morning with the family for a bit of fun.

We were having a good time when I suddenly spotted a lad wearing a blue and white shirt!!!

After a bit of banter with his parents, although they didn’t want to talk about football, they couldn’t wait to tell me that Ipswich have started to sell a new range of T shirts.

Apparently the shirts state the following.

Small Yellow Birds Have Little Peckers.
But Big White Horses Are Well Endowed.

This they all thought was highly amusing.

That I said may be the case.

But our little Yellow Bird will soon be sitting on very high Premier Perch.
Whilst your White Donkey will still be grazing in the meadows of the Nationwide.

Always S*** on the old blue and white.
Do Do
Do Do
Do Do Do Do Do

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good grief chicago, what a nasty experience for you

i have it on good authority that this is just a vicious rumour and big (if you get my meaning) white horses do not figure highly at ipswich amongst the fan base lol

better go down there and carry out some research on the matter pmsl

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