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Thirsty Lizard

Premiership Experience

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This is my first ever posting on this Board so I don''t know what I''ll be classed as. Definitely not Star Striker, but maybe Academy Under 16 Team substitute or something similar.

A lot has been said recently about our squad lacking Premiership experience if (when) we go up. Of course we will lack experience compared to the teams already up there, but when I stop and think about it we do actually already have quite a lot of players with at least some experience in the top flight.

Flem (Oldham)
Steady Eddy (Palace & Coventry?)
Hucks (Leeds, Man City etc)
MiniMac (Spurs)
Leon (Palace)
Damian (Wimbledon)
SuperMattySvenson (Palace? & Charlton)
Mullers (Man Utd)
Clint (Watford)

So there it is. Err...bags of Prem experience already. Add a few decent signings and survival will be a cinch.

Oh and please could someone reassure me that Neil Emblen isn''t going to pop up and score against us on Saturday. I''ve just got this horrible feeling that he will.

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He won''t, Mr. R. He''ll be far too busy trying to keep up with Holt and Francis.
And I don''t think that we should be depending on Clint''s Premiership experience at Watford to keep us going next season either! I''d sooner we brought in some young, hungry types anyway rather than a bunch of prem. players on the way down. Experience can sometimes breed defeatism and cynicism, so experienced players have to be chosen with care to ensure that they have the right influence on the dressing room. But I think that you are right to think that the basis of next year''s team is probably already in place.

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