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Come on you Mackems

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We must get behins Sunderland this afternoon for a number of reasons.

1. We are promoted, lets be real.

2. They are a club with which we have great affection and affinity Milk Cup and all that.

3. They have a great bunch of supporters who deserve better.

4. They play football whereas Albion are a bunch of cloggers.

5. If Albion fail to go up which is unlikely Jason Koumas with only a year left on his contract may join us, he has Prem ability and experience and is within our budget.

6. Sunderland need to keep momentum into the play offs take forward their form and deny the Binmen their unlikely promotion.

7. Defeat for Albion means more likely City will be champs, and that is very important, Div 1 champs fare better in Prem than runners up or play off champs.

8. A defeat would give Megsons cloggers serious concern.

So get behind Sunderland, automatic promotion is beyond them and they will get beat by City.

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