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What do we deserve?

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Rightly or wrongly, I approach each new season in a spirit of optimism, another page has been turned and there is at least a chance that things so obviously wrong before will be put right.   And then I read or hear the Manager''s post-match comments.   Already there seems to be a disparity between what I have seen and Mr. Worthington''s view of what has happened.  On Saturday the game appeared to cry out for change but there was none.  Mr. W. sees it as a positive that we ground away with very little chance of success.   I wonder what it does for the morale of a player like Ryan Jarvis, one of the perennial young hopefuls, to be brought on with but three minutes of normal time to go.  Very little I suspect.  This morning''s Times, The Game, is interesting, their reporter thought things appeared to be better off the pitch than on.  Mr. Worthington''s post-match remarks are quoted ending "You usually get what you deserve", to which the Times man says,  "Norwich deserved nothing".

There''s something a little wrong somewhere, it''s funny it is the small matter of the football where the trouble seems to lie.   Is that the one place that must not be tinkered with?   

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