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Norfolk  Dan

Great Ideas/Tactics I would implement if I was a football Manager!

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 I''m a reader of these boards as I have said before and I felt I needed to lighten the mood and get our creative hats on for a while about the game we love and focus our attentions to this rather than ... well... I''ll stop this sentence now!

So these are a few of my ideas... Not sure they are all within the laws of the game, I am sure someone will tell me, but here goes .

Sore subject... Penalties Shoot Outs: Rule 1 My Goal Keeper will always take the 1st Penalty. Reason, He scores he has one over the opposition goals keeper and is pumped, and 2ndly if he misses he is the only person who can do something about it.. Absolute motivation .. Personally I feel this is just a win win situation. Added to that the best ever Pen I have witnessed is Kevin Pressman for Shef Wed in a shoot about about 10 years ago... all he done was took a goal kick from the pen spot.. It flew in the postage stamp at about 90mph... Easy...

Next one.. I would have about 15 different free kicks that my team can repeat on demand like in American football, you know the players learn the calls... Therefore you know exactly know what to do... Who is taking it.. Who is running where... I think with tactics that can be repeated over and over again you will be on a winner! Oh it sounds so simple! lol...Fat chance of that working for us!

Next one... When you give away a pen. I think you should have a tactic for this. All players.. and I mean ALL players walk in at the same pace as the pen taker, ready to burst into a sprint as the player kicks the ball.. this means that any rebound you will have all 10 outfield players in the box attempting to get something on any possible rebound... Worthy does this with corners!! Why not sort it for pens! And I guess the same when you get to take one, maybe have your fastest 5 players make the run into the box on the kick..

Taking Pens. All the team practice pens. A goal is built with 5 holes in the goal mouth. Bottom right and left, top right and left, and top middle.  Now practice!!!!!!!!!... You dont need a goal keeper.. just hit 50 each day and make 50/50

Agree aims/goals for your season with your team. Promotion/ playoffs.... FA Cup etc... Tell the fans what it is... Be judged by results and if you are not good enough I would be man enough to say whats wrong, blame someone else and try and keep my job!! lol .. I mean the reason for this is all about expectations... We will achieve this.. and tell your customers... It gives us hope and dreams again!

These goals.. Internally.. agree that we will score a goal from 15 passes, we will keep 8 clean sheets on the spin, we will beat the following teams home and away... Targets set high make fools of some but hero''s of others,....Time to be a hero!

I''m sure i came up with some more in the pub the other night.... but that will do for now.. feel free to tell me mine are rubbish.. but I''d rather not turn this into a depressing post... we have too many of them.. come up with some ideas and post them.. see where we go with this!!!


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