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MacDouble rides again

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Been posting on various boards for a while and by far the best one was the BBC 606 forum until the BBC through their wisdom decided to start changing things because the cound''t cope with the amount of traffic the site received.

So you have got two camps

Ones that think that you should only post footy related subjects and lay scorn on anybody who doesn''t

And then theirs the one''s who don''t take post on these MBs overally serious and like to post off topic when theirs not really much going on.

Now this is the problem for all you mb purists out their take a look at what happens. For instance the BBC 606 site which is now ruled by the the thought and mind police. The new thinking behind the BBC 606 site was to email a suggestion for a potential thread and if the "Journalists thought it was PC enough" then it would get posted. Sounds like a mb purist heaven...

We''ll here''s the bad news nobody posts their anymore because it''s dull and kills any banter with other fans. At the end of the day if you don''t like the post don''t reply if you think you have something better to say, say it. It''s a free country you know.....

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I used to enjoy the 606 site, but stopped posting there a good few months ago and returned home to be among my kinsfolk.

There was a nice mixture at it''s peak, I felt - discussions about

various and interesting topics within the game of football, and with

fans of other clubs too; but all stirred up with a good few random,

off-topic and (mostly) entertaining threads.  I used to chat to

friends in our very own little thread, which reached over 10 000

replies, and was even guilty of starting the "In My Pants" game on the

Championship boards, which received over 500 posts within a few hours!

There were, of course, a good number of idiots seemingly wanting to

ruin it for the rest of us, and I get the feeling that the moderators

had a full-time job on their hands just trying to control the minority

of muppets without also having to contend with the fact that their

servers just weren''t sufficient to cope with demand.  The result -

heavy moderation, such as they have now put in, but the restriction of

free speech.

I think the PinkUn have got the balance just right, however it does

need to be updated quicker (though we obviuosly appreciate that

moderator isn''t the only role Pete and Co. have to play in their day


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Can''t remember you posting there, what was your handle I always have posted as MacDouble, we''ll did start out as Big Mac canary for a very short period of time...

The moderation thingy is a far too slow for my liking. I did try the Official Canary mb but didn''t get along with some of the posters on their very rude and agressive... No sense of humour... I managed to rack up about 5,000 post until they removed the post counter, felt quite gutted about that ...

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