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South Norfolk Old Boy

All hail Andrew Cullem - The King of Spin!

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Congratulations to Andrew Cullen – the “ultimate pro” marketing man. He is so good at putting a spin on things Nigel should seriously consider putting him on the bench and bringing him on to take free kicks. After all we haven’t had anyone who could do it for the past two years. As long as Andrew is a “Utility” player and could also go between the posts if needed then we could be on the point of seeing our first new signing.

It seems that one person in ten not renewing their season tickets is good news for the club.

It means:

1)     New supporters will be able to come along to games – and presumably will not be barracking the under siege manager.

2)     Even in a good season 4% won’t renew. Is this an acknowledgement that last season was less than acceptable- careful Andrew.

3)     We have more renewing season tickets than Palace and Southampton – so what?

4)     A lot of the new arrivals will be youngsters – more merchandise sales and no dissent


Brilliant Andrew. So if we lose another 10% next season that will be another cause for celebration will it? Maybe not if we have to scrape around waiting lists that are no longer there and we start on the slippery slope of Palace and Southampton. The reason many people, myself included, have renewed this year is that we hope things will miraculously change on and off the field. I fear it is a forlorn hope with the ticket money safely tucked away for an further 12 months. Watch your 10% figure change next year Andrew when there is no more queue or waiting list, no more parachute payment and no one of note left to sell. Who will get the blame? Well Andrew you are the Sales and Marketing man it must be you I suppose – according to the logic of this Board. No good pointing the finger at Nigel, he’s doing his best with the limited resources your poor sales figures are providing. Spin your way out of that one!

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