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Rob Butcher - Northern Canaries

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After six rotten years of total despair in the first division , based on an initial idea by Jim Van Wyck , a guy called Rob Butcher , galvenised a bunch of northern based Norwich City fans into the Northern Canaries and over the last three seasons we have followed the team all over the country . Obviously we went very close in 2002 , followed by a good season a year later , but this season has been out of this world and beyond our wildest dreams watching City play some of the best football l have ever seen .
l think Rob deserves a special mention because he has united all the northern based City fans into a great bunch of mates who are all fanatics about Norwich and has managed to highlight the fact that Norwich have a big following outside of Norfolk and he has lifted the gloom from the first six years in div 1 to the euphoria of this amazing season and the last few hours as we have at last reclaimed our place in the top flight - the Premiership .
l owe Rob a huge debt as l have made some great mates who will be friends for life , but ultimately has put Norwich on the map up north and got us all behind the club 100% .
Nice one Rob !

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