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Worthington's Biggest Failing.....

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Much has been said on these boards about NWs shortcomings over the last two seasons and how this has contributed to abject results and performances.  Tatics, poor signings and a negative style of crude football have rightly been highlighted as reasons for this.   For me the telling reason has been NWs inability to sort our defence out.  We let in 78 goals in our Premiership season, not being "up" on statistics i''m not sure how many we let in last season but it was far too many to mount a challenge for promotion.  IMO his main task at the start of this season should have been to sort our defence out and his failing to do wAs the underlying reason why we struggled so badly.

Being a dour defender all his career i find it astonishing that he can''t seem to find the right taticas and personnel to rectify this problem. We all want to see fast flowing attacking football akin to our traditions back at Carrow Road but the first requirement of a successful team is a solid back line.  SO NW FOR CHRIST SAKE SORT THIS OUT.

Your thoughts please........


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