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They Call Him Mellow Yellow

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In my desperate dreams 25,000 Norwich fans, obviously of all ages, ethnic groups, shapes and sizes, assemble in the centre of the city determined to embark on a march to seek the truth. What is the clear objective of NCFC. Are we seeking Premiership football or not? We have a right to know. In order to "get into the moment" it may be necessary for those that are of age to smoke a joint ( yes, this includes you beelsie and all the other old codgers ). It''s time to throw caution to the wind and get into a "sixties frame of mind". The young and able are carrying stereo blasters on their shoulders all playing Donovan''s version of Mellow Yellow. For those of you to young to remember ask your parents ( or your grandparents ) to hum it to you:

And so our march begins:

We’re just mad about Delia

And she’s just mad about us

We want her timely decision

To put Nigel on the bus


She’s calling Mello Yello

( quite rightly )

Cause he’s a funny fellow

( quite rightly )

Tell me Mello Yello


He tells her everyone’s barfing

They can’t stomach what they see

It’s one small step to all laughing

At the lady with the capital D


She’s hearing Mello Yello

( quite rightly )

He’s a very angry fellow

( quite rightly )

She didn’t know he bellows


Thousands parading through Narrich

They won’t even stop for a pee

Until they muster the courage

Before the lady with the capital D


They’re led by Mello Yello

( quite rightly )

A very well built fellow

( quite sightly )

With Wizard playing the cello


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