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Geoffrey Watling

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I first became aware of Mr Watling in the late 1960s when I heard the chant "Zigger zigger zigger, Watling is a n****r". I didn''t understand it then, and frankly I don''t understand it now, although it might have had something to do with the sale of Hugh Curran to Wolves. Maybe I should ask Ron Atkinson...
The purpose of this posting is just to say how pleased I am that this grand old man is still associated with the club when the wheel of fortune has turned once again, and it has become clear that City are not in some sort of downward spiral. I''m sure this chuffs Mr Watling mightily, but it seems he is modest enough to keep a low profile at the moment. He has been a big part of our club for about fifty years, through all the greatest years of its history, and long may he continue as President.

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