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Beckam to City? Delian Smithovich strikes again!

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I was walking through Castle Mall yesterday when I saw David Beckham exiting the Canary Store!!! Apparently he was later seen having a covert lunch at McDonalds with city''s Russian owners (Delian and Michael Smithovich). Is it possible that Huckerby is not to be their first big name signing? Some friends of mine also later saw Posh and Rebacca "I''m worth quater of a million less than Huckerby" Loos having a cat fight in the ladies toilet in Time later on that evening.

Also what is all this talk of putting money on city staying up. Granted it is a bet that will win you money but at odds of practical certainty what is the point. I personally have opted for the more attractive odds of City winning the title. Very generous odds are given by William Hill at 2-1.

C''mon you canaries. Premier league! and soon Champions League. Bayern are quaking in their boots again.

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