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Sing up the River End!

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After years of a hushed silence from the car blanket and thermos brigade, who have always contributed little more than a whisper to the volume at ''The Home Of Sexy Football'' can the rest of us try to raise something that resembles little more than a squeek from our friends down there at the Preston game on the 1st of May, us poor ''Snakepitter''s'' have risked throat infections, sore tonsils and terminal laryngitis over the years just trying desperately to get you lot to make some sort of noise. The Barclay Boys always give a good account for themselves. C''mon lads, we''ve done it, we''ve reached the promised land, Nige and the boys have done us proud, and even the new South/ Jarrold crew try to get things going, so, SING UP THE RIVER END!!

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