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Saint Canary

Is this really a season to forget?

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Personally, I am glad the season is over, I will be glad when the next one starts but this season should never be forgotten.  It should never be forgotten by the club that:*Starting a season with a very small squad is a mistake.*Starting a season with a very small squad that contains as many goalkeepers as it does recognised midfielders is a mistake.*Starting and ending a season with no real right sided midfielder is a mistake.*Signing loan players and not using them is a mistake.  Surely a loan player should add to the team like Hux, Crouch and Harper did?  If not, what’s the point? *Making your best signing in January is a mistake.  It''s often too late for the player to make the impact desired if you are too far behind already.*Having a midfield lacking the right personnel and shape is a mistake and leads to an unhealthy pressure put upon the defence, which in turn leads to hoofball.*Dropping players after one bad game is a mistake, especially when you persist with players who consistently perform badly.  How does that build team spirit?*If things are going badly, blaming it entirely on the players is a mistake and maybe the manager should share some of the responsibility rather than shirk it.

Finally if things are going (or have) gone wrong do not blame it on fans on internet message boards, fans who when the season is over voice their disapproval or the fans in general because in all honesty if you had observed at least half of the above this season may have ended very differently.

A season to forget?  I think not.


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