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DumbleDelia is Magic

Thank you EDP! At last revenge can be ours!

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After many smart arse stupid things the Evening Star have done (raising money for us, 5-0 t-shirts etc) at last our beloved EDP is getting it''s own back:

April 23, 2004
Blues lose their appetite

Pies are at the heart of the beautiful game - but just 40 miles down the road from the home of the Canaries, Ipswich Town did not seem to have the stomach for them.

Following comments through the season from Blues'' manager Joe Royle, including a recent suggestion that Norwich City could not "play at a level that we can", the EDP decided to offer him a slice of humble pie.

And to make clear the reason we were there, we went decked out in Norwich shirt and scarf.

But on arrival at Portman Road it seemed the staff there had suffered a sense of humour bypass and perhaps sour grapes would have been more in order.

Not only would the club''s press officer, Sam Kirk, not hand on the black- cherry offering to Royle, who was "in a meeting", she wouldn''t even accept it herself.

And she wouldn''t let us on the pitch to take a picture on the Portman Road turf either.

In fact, the closest anyone got to grabbing a bite was the Ipswich fan traffic warden who saw the joke, but didn''t want a piece.

The nearest we got to Joe Royle in the end was a photograph near the turnstiles.

But while Ms Kirk might have insisted our little presentation was "not going to happen", the reception staff at least stayed positive.

"We''ll soon catch you up," was the quick-thinking response.

Before anybody says calm down as they might come up with us- They won''t! I guarantee it. Yes they might get in the play-offs but they won''t win it! Revenge is ours and it''s sweet! MWAAHAAHAHAHAHA

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