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If I had the wings of  a sparrow

Here is why I don’t support Worthless:

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First & foremost; negativity of play from day 1 he has been negative, I could understand this when he 1st took over because he had to get us organised, we have never played attractive football under him. If we ever go a goal up it’s lets hang on to what we have got, with the strikers we have there is no need to do that.

Signing players & Messing players about, Rivers, Libbra, Jonson, Helveg, Bentley, Rivers, Edworthy, Safri, Malky I could go on.

Wasting money: Robinson, Hughes, Louis Jean, Colin, Johansson (I like him but he hardly gets a game), Lisbie, Rehman, Stuart,

Not developing youngsters; Crow, Hayes, I don’t see Shackell or Jarvis progressing, in 5-6 years not 1 youngster has come through the ranks & gone on to either be convincing or sold for a fee.

Penalties, allowing any player to take a penalty, under him we have a dreadful penalty conversion record, do you think he should look at that & say right X takes the penalty if he’s not on the pitch then Y takes the penalty & so on. Since the play off season when we kept missing pens this has continued right through his tenure. General Set-pieces are awful with Hucks effort on Monday probably being the best I have seen in the time Worthless has been at the Club.

His after match comments, Sit-u-ation, notmean, work ethic, can’t fault the players, we are great. Not worth listening to.

His general attitude than if we work hard everything will be OK, yes you have to work hard but the difference between teams is the ability of players to pass & move & show flashes of brilliance. He does not like flicks & skill as we have found out after Libbra & Hucks tried things a bit different.

Not taking the Club forward when he had a big opportunity too, he preaches continuity but the amount of players who come & go how will we ever have that, we have had a vastly different team for each of the last 3- seasons, the backbone needs to be kept firm.

Constantly playing players out of position.

A lack of tactics away from home the guy does not have a clue & hasn’t done since Day 1 our away record under him is atrocious.

That will do for the time being.

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