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All this talk of signing new players is all well and good but I really don''t think it is necessarily as easy as that even if the players are available. Looking at a few names on here, the official forums and the 606 site that have been circulated I''ve seen people asking for Sherringham, Henri Camara, Bowyer, Muzzy Izzet, Niko Dabizas and Dominic Matteo to name but a few.

It''s all very well signing players like this but I think keeping the team spirit is by far and away the best chance we have and may well be an ace up our sleeve. Watching the Premiership highlights today (and I realise tensions are high due to relegation worries...) the amount of people shouting and arguing with people on their own team was amazing! The rumours about Man City also suggest that there''s about 4 cliques within the team and lots of groups of players never talk to each other.

If we look at our signings they are all "nice" players that seem to gel well with the exisiting team and everyone gets on. And it''s got us promoted.

Personally I think it''s all very signing new players but unless they enter into the team spirit I would stay well clear of them. We''ll need every advantage we can get next season and this may be our best.

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agreed tilt

but we also have to be realistic and we all know not everyone who played yesterday will survive week in week out in the prem

we have three players in my opinion who could say without question they are premiership class, hucks, green and drury, the others will all figure i am sure, but we need serious money spent on centre halves, centre midfield and another striker to complement hucks, i would like to see both svensson and mckenzie tried with hucks - but don''t know whether they are truly going to be able to score against the arsenals of this world, against the bottom half maybe

we have to be careful, and not jump in and get anyone who has ever played at that level - or more alarmingly, copy george burley and buy flash ''quality'' from abroad - look what happened to them, it cannot be repeated by us

we need to follow the likes of charlton and birmingham; i have every faith in our club and the way they will go about things, worthy will buy wisely and whoever he buys will fit in, he looks for team work and spirit above all else.

As well as buying ,we have to offload too, and say a few goodbyes.

but that is for next season, we should now be spending all our energies on even more uplifting support so our club can become champions!

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