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The Great Drinkell

What a week !

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This should have been a great week for any fan and in a way it still is but......
I was all ready to go to "Mecca " for the reserve game on Wednesday when I was called away to Old Trafford Yep MUFC for a sales conference. You''ll not be surprised to know that the coverage up in the north west well there wasn''t any. Rang home on Thursday to find that the home town was absolutely buzzin..! All was not lost I was one of the lucky few with Tickets for Watford.

Got home Friday night went to bed all excited....(sorry to much information) looking forward to the game/Party at the Vicarage. At 1.30am I am woken up by the sound of my son being ill. This continued through the night and in to the 8.00am deadline for a decision to be made.

I had to go down to "Mecca" and return my tickets. I am now sitting listening to Roy and Neil on the radio.wow what a disappointment today''s turned into.

I hope a true fan got hold of my tickets at face value, I refuse to take advantage of my fellow supporters by inflating the price. Sorry I didn''t have time to publish them on this web site.

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my heart goes out to you drinkell

i hope your son is much better now and i won''t rub it in by saying anything else about the day

as for tickets, the distribution of same was a lottery, my ex phoned me early on the morning of the stoke home game and said he had just been in to buy some for himself and his mates and there were people buying up to 10 at a time

i had five to buy for myself, two mates and my two kids - and i asked how many i could have

"as many as you want" was the reply, not just to season ticket holders i asked?

"No, as many as you want"

i went in at twelve that day and later found out someone who had gone in at one had found them all gone

to those of you who live outside norwich, you have my real respect, i know (when i was in exile) how difficult it is to get through on the phonelines, and it is perhaps the only downside of our recent success that not everyone can see all games

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