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Northern Yella

Guarding against Apathy

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Just wanted to say that we need to make sure we guard against becoming apathetic as that is exactly what the board would like. If we continue to be proactive and demonstrating to them that we are not happy, and keep builing momentum and pressure, eventually they will be forced into making some changes. And I completely agree with a previous poster, the protesting needs to enter the ground itself. Lets not have a quiet Carrow Road, lets create a proper atmosphere where we show we are backing the team, but certainly not the management. Lets not become dis-illusioned, but lets show that we should and will be listened to, as we have a right to exercise our views, especially as many of you went deep into your pockets to buy the shares that helped the Board and Manager purchase certain players. They owe us some answers, and lets not stop asking until the appropriate one is given.

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