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Battle Cry

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Well hate to compare this to a battle but i must be honest, it has become a battle like it or not.

So, I have had one of the most depressing weeks i can remember and although I dont like to take my anger out on the club neccesarily, I will inevitably be full of it.

As I sit and read these posts tonight i put the last few months into perspective, the worst time since i first stepped into carrow road. Caused by who? NIGEL WORTHINGTON

What has he done? Hoofball, No passing, rediculous transfers, poor player relationships, stupid media comments, acting like a three year old, disrespectful comments towards US the fans, causing unneccesary arguments, banning flair...the list could go on forever

ANY other club and he would have been out the door.

So sorry if i upset any of the KTFs grandma''s tommorow but if i have to i will cause as many problems to the board as i can whilst keeping to the law and the organisers regulations. Thanks again lads for sorting it out.

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