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Here''s the rundown -

least goals conceded - 34 in 71/72

most goals scored - 84 in 85/86

most points 84 - 85/86
(adjusted to 3 points so 89 points from 46 games in 51/52)

most wins in season - 26 in 51/52

most home wins 18 in 51/52

most away wins - 8 in 33/34, 50/51, 52/53, 58/59. 85/86

least away defeats - 5 in 33/34, 50/51, 52/53, 58/59, 85/86

most away points (adjusted for 3 points) - 31 in 50/51

most goals scored in season - 84 in 85/86

So we need........

1 more win to beat most wins

1 more home win to equal most wins

1 more away win to beat most away wins

2 more points to beat most away points

0 more away defeats to equal least away defeats

1 more goal against for lowest goals conceded

11 more goals to equal highest number

any of the above will ensure we equal the record points tally

hopefully that all makes sense
(and aknowledgement to the Pinkun who posted it a few weeks back)

A very gleeful Mad Dan who is waiting to collect his winnings from a couple of binners who were positive that we wouldn''t still be top come May.

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