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Citizen Journalist Foghorn

The Silent Protest

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Well, it seems the ''Silent Protest'' by those fans not happy with whats going on has turned Carrow Road into a morgue.  Apart from Greeno''s off to Germany the only other noise of any note was ''HOOF'' each time we hoofed it forwards in the first 20 minutes (and it was a fair old amount)  which actually resulted in the team passing the ball!!  god forbid!!  suddenly Erny gets his first through ball in 10 matches for city and scores. 

Not since Everybody shouting shoot to Safri (he then shot and scored from 30 yards)  at home to bristol rovers has the crowd influenced a match so directly.  and perhaps getting etherington sent off at a corner!!!

It seems the crowd were more able to get greeno throwing the ball out and the team passing it than 7 days of worthy''s inept fitness training!!!

the simple Jeer Hoof when they hoof it and cheer ironically when they pass it worked a treat!! It even got chief culprit Robert Green making gestures to the river end whom were also shouting hoof at every long high ball!!  At leasrt it stopped the 75 mionutes of hoofing to zero effect seen at Burnley last week...

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[quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

there were a couple mostly after the second goal -

we''re cheats and were beating you

we''re s*** and were beating you

Leon Leon

Greeno''s going to germany!!

But not much participation however and barely even an OTBC in sight...


So you''re disagreeing with yourself, file this one under ''posts I shouldn''t have started''.


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