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Silver Canary

Board wont ever get rid of Worthy unless the fans make them.

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We have the same old moaning all over again but nobody is prepared to do anything about it! What point is there in talking about season ticket renewels when everybody has renewed. The "protests" are about as much use as a chocolate teapot!

The only way to really make sure we get rid of Worthy is to show the board what we really think. We need to protest during the game. Before the penalty, a few of us were starting to protest in the Barclay and it was beginning to catch on. If we really made a noise against the current regime during the game the board would have to sit up and notice.

I know that it means we will probably lose a couple of games but so what - we are not going to go down or up. Also, if we let a few of the players know what we think of them they may well leave the club as well - if anybody else would have them. We should sing "worthy out songs" throughout the game and heckle every time one of the recent signings gets the ball. The board would truly listen then. There are too many who just want a quiet life and becuase of them they are spoiloing the club for its loyal supporters!

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Sadly this won''t work. And as with many people, my love for the 11

people who happen to be wearing a yellow shirt on a saturday afternoon

is stronger than a dislike of Mr. Worthington. Though after his

comments about hux recently that statement might need to be


A protest also by a small corner of the ground sounds pathetic and

stupid. The board no doubt have a laugh about that one after the game.

The amount of people who would need to take part just won''t, and sadly

that is a fact. You will not get 10,000 people singing worthy out.

Sadly i think that is true.

What would work? well firstly i agree that portests should nto be

detrimental to the football on the pitch. After all we don''t need to

make it worse - Mr. Worthington can do it more than well enough by

himself. What is needed is (and this for me is not possible becuase of

other commitments) a showing at colney consitently, even just 10

diffrent people every day of the week . Protests prior to and after

every game, irrespective of a result.

In truth the club isn''t listening to the protest. It lets the NCISA in

, but they are ''safe'' and will not upset the applecart to much (Yes i

am very anti - them) so it can talk to them, and tlak them round to

their way of thinking. Do they let protestors in to talk to. Or select

15 people and say ''come back monday night and i''ll talk to you'' ? no,

because these people will be eternally harder to convince than the

elder statesman that populate the upper echelons of the NCISA, such as

Roy Blower, who''s name is quite apt. He certainly blows enough hot air


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[quote user="ROSSI 46"]

what do you think that would really achieve silver?

It would show the board that we are not prepared to put up with the rubbish that we have been getting this year and force them to act.



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Speak for yourself.  I haven''t renewed and I made it clear from the start that if Worthy stays, I won''t.  I cannot even get my 12 year old son to turn out to watch the current drivel, despite having spent £150 on his season ticket at the start of the season.  What does that say for the "future" of the club?

It is not just about "my love for the 11 wearing yellow and green overrides any feelings I may have for Mr Worthington".   Worthy has brought in several poor quality players on 2-3 year contracts - face it, they are here to stay unless the club can sell them (unlikely).  Do you really think we will be going out to buy "quality" unless we can off-load his "hoofers" and their (substantial) wage bill first?  Mediocrity and awful football is here to stay for a while yet and certainly next season.  How many quality players do you REALLY believe we now have?  Do you REALLY believe Worthy did a great job in the Premiership?  The man had more money to spend than any other previous manager and look what he did with it! 

Rumour has it, from the folks stopping Mr Doncaster on Saturday, is that Worthy WILL be here next season and will be given 10 games to prove things are heading in the right direction.  If he then goes, we will still be left with his legacy which, like Hamilton before, will take a very long time to rectify - any new man will, quite rightly, say it is a "time for rebuilding and a transitional season etc" before things start to progress.  Are you really looking forward to this or what!

I am afraid that not only did Worthy lose the plot ages ago, but the Board have as well.  Enjoy "hoofball" next season guys and great credit to you for contributing to the cash in the pockets of Messrs Hughes, Etuhu, Robinson etc for the next couple of years or so and to whomever else Worthy manages to turn out in the coming months (only those who can run and can''t pass, be creative or get forward need apply).

For me, I will watch a little bit more quality in the Anglian Combination whilst continuing my 40 year love of all things NCFC.  With a fair wind and a degree of good sense, someone will see the light and we will be back challenging in a few years. 

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NO the fans have nothing to do with the decision of getting rid of Worthington. Why should the board get rid of Worthington Silver Canary just because you say so, just because of a CHILDISH protest, WHY ?. Like i said today in my thread the board are looking at the bigger picture. Think of what Worthy''s acheived in his time here. I''ll remind fans again 3 bad seasons and 3 good which is average. So quit going on just about this season and get things into perspective will you please Norwich fans.

Next season will be the season Worthington gets the sack but ONLY if he has another bad season, there is absolutely no guarantee that he will it could go the other way so lets just wait and see.


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So what good does this do? Why not do something about it? If everyone who thinks worthy should go said so at the game we would force him out. The trouble is that people like you pretend to be loyal fans and can''t be bothered to do anything about it.

Loyal fans say "Worthy out!"

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"So what good does this do? Why not do something about it? If everyone who thinks worthy should go said so at the game we would force him out. The trouble is that people like you pretend to be loyal fans and can''t be bothered to do anything about it."

Well it what it does is it gives Worthington a chance to put things right and if he doesn''t fair enough but at least give him until Christmas and then see where he''s at. The reason we shouldn''t do anything about it is because it wouldn''t be fair on Worthington as up to this season in all the time he''s been here he''s done average and doesn''t become bad overnight. Yes he''s made poor signings and bad decisions but then he''s made good ones like bringing in Johansson, Earnshaw, Davenport. And i believe now that most of our players our settled in now and playing better.

And hey don''t you dare say i PRETEND to be a loyal fan I AM a loyal fan. I show my loyalty in other ways you''re just stupid because if you had any sense then you would know that protesting doesn''t acheive anything discussing it does. You honestly trying to tell me that protesting is do anything about it, utter rubbish, it''s just making yourself look stupid and childish. There are other ways of doing things about the position we''re in like holding meetings, like we had at St Andrews Hall. But given how Worthingtons done in his time here i still think he deserves one more chance simple as that !


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