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The Scottish Premiership

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10 minutes ago, dylanisabaddog said:

A couple of years ago the Chief Executive of the Premier League was interviewed by the BBC and among other things was asked if Scottish clubs would be allowed to join. 

He said that in no circumstances would they be given direct access and went on to say if the Football League had a different view no Scottish club would be allowed in via the promotion route. He was firm in his responses, almost to the point of being rude. 

I watched some of the Rangers game on Sunday and it was absolutely dire. Having said that, the recent Rangers Celtic games have been quite entertaining. 

Rather hypocritical though as two Welsh teams have been promoted to the top flight via the football league. It’s pure protectionism though, Cardiff and Swansea pose no threat to the bigger clubs, whereas Rangers and Celtic are bigger than most Prem teams in terms of the size of their fan base 

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