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Saint Canary

Rich getting richer?

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Seems the G-14 group who represent 18 of the Europe’s richest clubs is trying to get their hands on monies made from the World and European Cups.  As they pay the wages of the players, they feel they deserve a "cut" of the money made.

At the moment G-14 is also fighting a case for Charleroi in regards to compensation after one of their players was out for 8 months following an international for Morocco.  As well as this they are currently trying to get Uefa to change the rules of the Champions League to allow for the clubs to make more money.

Are these clubs just being greedy or do they have a point?   Should Norwich have been able to claim Safri''s wages back from FIFA or the Moroccan FA after he returned from international duty injured?  Are clubs right to be asking for money from World Cup profits?  Is this just a case of rich clubs trying to get richer?


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ooh, a tricky one. good post

it''s just another angle on the clubs trying to claw money back, first the clubs wanted the players wages paid by the fa, and now they are trying this.

i am strictly against this, despite feeling that the clubs have a fair point. the only reason why i am against it, is becasue the monies will not be used for debt repayments or grass roots development through academy and scholarships. All it will do is bump up transfer fees and / or wages.

the clubs do of course have the option of not buying international players if things are that unfair, but they will lose by doing this.


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Good post, you beat me to it! [;)]

It may just be a reactionary thought without looking at all the facts,

but the whole thing disgusts me! These 18 "big clubs" just seem intent

on making more and more money for themselves, and strengthening their

monopoly on the game!

I could say "if they wanna go form their own league, let them ponce

off, I''ll stick with proper football", but then I know there would be

too many suckers out there who would lap it up and justify them!

Fifa should put a stop to G14 right now, but they won''t be strong

enough... It''s taken over 10 years for anyone to do anything about

Sky''s stronghold on the game, and by now the damage has already been

done.  How long before G14 sound the final death knell for the

English game...?

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