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Presenting - Have a little patience - Fake That

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I have just returned from a meeting at Carrow Road to find out why our new SD has been so silent. Turns out he’s been writing a new song with none other than Gary Barlow! 
needless to say I told him not to give up the day job and sign a bloody striker 
I mean listen to these lyrics! 
Just have a little patience
Hoggy’s still hurting from a Webber he lost, 
I'm feeling your frustration
But any minute all the Attannsio money will drop 
Just hold me close inside the Unthank arms tonight
Don't be too hard on my experience 

'Cause I need time 
My team is numb, has no leaders 
So while they defeat us 
Just try and have a little patience
I really wanna start over again
I know Wilshere will wanna be my salvation

He’s the one that I can always depend
I'll try to be strong, believe me
I'm trying to move on (idah) 
It's complicated but understand me
'Cause I need time
My team is numb, has no leaders 
So while they defeat us 
Just try and have a little patience, yeah
Have a little patience, yeah
I sell these players for so cheap 
It's been hard 
But I have to believe
Have a little patience
Have a little patience
Woah, 'cause I, I just need time
My team is numb, has no leaders 
So while NCFC still need us 
Just try, and have a little patience
Have a little patience
My team is numb, has no leaders 
So while NCFC still needs us 
Just try and have a little patience


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Good effort, but much quicker to resort to Chat GPT:

"In Carrow Road's embrace, where cheers once roared, A tale unfolds of Ben Knapper, who silence stored. No nimble new feet upon the hallowed ground, No echoes of his presence, no signings found.

In yellow and green, where dreams took flight, Ben's inactivity casts a shadow, a curious sight. The terraces whisper, the fans inquire, Why does he linger in the DoF's attire?

The pitch awaits, its canvas pristine, Yet Ben Knapper's absence, a scene unseen. No strategies drawn, no tactics revealed, A dormant figure, whose touch is concealed.

Carrow Road yearns for his vibrant choreography, A symphony of triumph, a football odyssey. But alas, the touchline is useless, as Wagner's still here, A mystery unfolds in the Norfolk air.

Did time freeze the mentor in a silent pose? Or did he wander where the wind gently blows? In the heart of the Canaries, questions take flight, As Carrow Road awaits, in the absence of light.

Perhaps in stillness, a strategy brews, In the quietude, a plan accrues. Ben Knapper, the enigma, with silence profound, In the shadows, a tactical genius may be found.

Yet, Carrow Road echoes with the fans' plea, For Ben Knapper's touch to set them free. In the dance of football, let the silence break, And Carrow Road's fervour, once more, awake."

Perhaps a bit harsh on the man, though. He seems to have inherited a very difficult situation, compounded by financial restraints. Still time to pull a rabbit from the hat though, and at least he's learning the difficulties involved in the transfer market especially with the guy from Spain and the conflicting reports about that.


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