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An interesting aside...

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Just thinking about Reading''s achievements this season made me think about Turf Moor last night. In the pre-match warm up, you see how the team really are with each other, the body language, the smiles, the tensions. What I saw didn''t fill me with a warm feeling, some of the team actively not engaging - of moment between Etuhu and Green for example, Hughes training on his own (which surprised me). Now, call me a cod-psychologist or whatever, but this was miles away from what you used to see 2 years ago.

Worhtington''s tactics may be dire (4-5-1 last night!) as well as the 5 more like 2 in midfield (being kind) but what his influence on team members is who don''t gel is debatable. Anyhow, just a point, posters here have often aired doubts about something wrong in the dressing room reaching the field - I reckon all is not well - whether this is the reason for the dreadful inconsistency though? Any thoughts? Reading have proved they are a team with no real big names and a great team ethic - like Charlton and dare I say even the 90''s Ipswich teams, you can go far with a close collective of players.

steady on...

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