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Sit Down, Shut Up!

Have You Met Any Players, Past or Present?

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[quote user="morty"][quote user="thedarkside"]

Met both Rob Newman and Peter Silvester when I was in Police and had to take statements from them both. Both absolute gents, Peter Silvester was working for an insurance company and invited me for a ''matchday meal'' etc as a thank you. I think we drew with Liverpool but it was many years ago!!!


I met Delia when she sat with the fans at an away game against Watford - might have been when we clinched promotion - she is an absolute gem, knows as much about football as most people and was happy to talk to everybody.


As an aside I met David Beckham at Madrid airport and always thought he was a real ''p***k'' but I couldn''t have been more wrong, he was a real gentleman and made a lot of peoples day by happily posing for photos and signing autographs. A real top quality person!!!

[/quote]I have met Delia a couple of times and I can confirm she is absolutely lovely, which is why it annoys me when idiots have a pop at her on here.[/quote]

Hughton and Adams are "lovely" but I bet it doesn''t annoy you when people slate them for not being very good?

I''ve met Flemmo, Gunny, Iwan, Rob Green was a year ahead of me at CNS school... used to be a little bit of a tool... during a PE lesson he kept checking basketballs at us and him and his mates thought it was hilarious until my mate drop kicked one off his back....

my dud used to work at the hospital and met many people, John O''neill (who he took to the operating theatre), Gunny, Bobby Robson who was an absolute Gent and gave everyone a personal thank you...

Andy Townsend was a Bell end...

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I''ve never seen Bryan Gunn sitting at a table but I have seen him sitting.


I saw him sitting on a train and he was wearing a woolly hat. I couldn''t believe my eyes.


Anybody else seen Bryan Gunn having a sit?

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I’ve seen many things in my life so far

I’m sure I’ve seen a monkey driving a car

I saw Prince Charles once at a rolling skating rink

Had a skunk in my backyard, it didn’t half stink!

Climbed to the top of Ben Nevis and I saw a lovely view

And something you wouldn’t believe, but I swear that it’s


Please just believe me and do not think I’m at fault

But I saw Bryan Gunn sitting at a table in the Feathers at



I promise to you that this is no fable

But there was Bryan Gunn sitting at a table!

I stood there amazed, knocking at my knees

As I stared at Bryan Gunn eating steak, chips and peas

He wasn’t in goal as I thought he ought to be

He was sitting by a table right next to me!

He wasn’t wearing gloves and making a save(y)

He was sitting by a table pouring out some gravy!


My eyes went blurry and I started to shake

There was Bryan Gunn sitting by a table, for goodness sake!

I’d have taken out my phone, and took a photo for sure

But this amazing event happened in 2004

I did have a phone then, but it wasn’t able to take pics

Of Bryan Gunn sitting at a table, instead of between the


So you’ll have to take my word that this story is true

One day seeing Bryan Gunn sitting at a table may happen to


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Yes, I''ve sat next to Bryan Gunn on a train going to Birmingham - very pleasant bloke and made the trip a lot quicker with all the football chat!  Met Kevin Keelan, Jim Bone, Graham Paddon, Clive Payne and David Cross at the old Trowse training ground.  Met the whole Milk Cup Winning Squad and the following year''s promotion squad at City Hall Civic Receptions.  Got a lift from Geoffrey Watling on my way to seeing Ken Foggo getting the Player of the Season Award in 1967/68? (and bumped into him again in the Galleria in Milan!) Chaperoned Malky for a whole afternoon at an NCFC Open Day and dealt with a planning application for Kevin Drinkell when I worked at City Hall! (Oh, and my daughter went to same primary school as Darren Eadie''s children).

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