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hux, svensson, nige and the board!

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The hux deall will go through if he is true to his word and i think svensson is in the bag. Regardless of what anyone says, you do not bid for players as a PR stunt. i think the club were gonna see what happened with hux but as soon as WBA bid our board knew they had to act coz they could not let him go to a rival club without trying to get him. As far as svensson is concerned i think we need a big man so its gotta be a good move especially at the price.

Whether all of these deals or none of these deals go through, everyone involved in attempting to make them happen must be applauded. Lets face it if huck doesnt come it will be down to him and not our board. They are trying to go for it and in all my time as a NCFC fan i have never seen our board act in this way. They are taking a huge gamble by doing this and basically all i wanted to say was that i think it''s easy to slate them when they don''t act but we should equally applaud them when they do. Credit where its due now people.

I was at cardiff and I cried my eyes out when we lost. We''ve stood still for a bit but now the board and NW are trying to bring us premiership football!

They have gambled all season to bring the magic 3 in on loan was a big enough gamble itself.

Thankyou to everyone involved for trying to bring me my dreams.


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