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20 hours ago, PurpleCanary said:

He is not quite as good as he was. His has lost a bit - only a bit - of pace and his touch is not quite as sharp as before. But this is hardly surprising. A great deal of draining high-pressure football in the last few years. But he is still more than good enough for us this season,

I agree that he is slowly falling of a little. The decline is steady but slow. It would seem that he is gonna play out the season at Norwich and then go somewhere else for a couple seasons before winding his career down. Top 2 looks far away right now but not impossible. Play offs likely. To in a situation like this play Sargent instead seems like nonsense to me. You play your best players in their best positions. The talk of making Pukki a #10 also seems like nonsense to me. He could do it alright, but thats not what he does best.

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On 10/01/2023 at 14:24, Yellow Fever said:

Pukki has been a good servant to the club but to some people he just seems un-droppable - must play whatever and then bend the team out of shape to accommodate.

He's clearly not as 'sharp' or deadly as he was 2 or 3 seasons ago. He also knows this in away himself - no longer interested in international football or anything to prove - a kind of winding down as we all do as we enter retirement.

It's not just me either that can see this - On the 'away matches' I tend to listen to Radio Norfolk and for me it became a standing joke when I'd hear - "You'd of expected Pukki to put that one away" regularly over the last two seasons. 

We need to move on else we'd still be playing Holty!


Excellent post. I've sad this many times but over the last few seasons we have never put in place any plans for life after Pukki. He has been undroppable (pretty much) under Farke and then Smith.  Whether Sargent will eventually emerge as the new 'God' I've no idea.  I'm sure, though, that he is deliberately winding down his contract and will leave in the summer irrespective of whether we get promoted or not. Why would he want a THIRD season of embarrassment in the PL after all!!   

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