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Normal Service resumed?

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So Saturday brought us back in touch with reality, we can''t cut it with the better teams in the Championship, even though on paper we have the players to do so. 

At the risk of upsetting even the most loyal Worthy fans, it was only Brighton & Derby who we beat recently, 2 sides struggling below us, beating them did us no favours really, if we''d lost I think Worthy would have been sacked.

Look at the matches we have left, Leeds, Sheff Utd, Preston etc.  Even Stoke must be looking forward to playing us after the Palace debacle.  At this rate points look very hard to come by.

And Mr Skipper is  “puzzled, disappointed and a bit hurt”,  perhaps he should consider how the fans feel, the same fans who pay to endure this terrible season just like 10 years ago.

As someone wrote on this board a short while ago, it''s time to get a decent manager in whilst our club is still an attractive position.  So the board need to take off the rose tinted glasses, and do something!

I don''t even want to contemplate a purple away kit!

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