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Team for the weekend

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"but as a team the players didn''t carry out their jobs properly today"

“We have had a few like this away from home this season and it''s up to me to try and sort it out and put things right.”

Given The Worthless ones comments post match as detailed above it will be interesting to see what changes are made for the next game, if none are made as I suspect then he is full of the proverbial. If he is indeed a manager then he will drop the innefective and try something different.

Worthless also said “You can take a horse to water - but you can''t force it to drink" If that were me I would try a different horse but the mighty one seems to carry on leading the same old horse to the water and then gets confused when it does not drink.

For me that indicates the inability of the man.


Move on Worthless and thanks for what you did achieve-it was a blast

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