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3 hours ago, Move Klose said:

Going into the season with these 'wide' options was never going to work.

Imagine how bad Tzolis must have looked if Hernandez is seen as a better option. We all love Onel but he's not very good unfortunately. 

Ramsey has been ok, not poor, not good just ok.

Dowell, Sinani, Cantwell all decent footballers but when In their right position, which isn't out wide.

Let's hope Rowe looks good when he's back.

I'm not sure that was the plan tbh. I think the club were hoping Rashica would 'rip up the Championship', unfortunately it's not going to be the case. 

I'd almost forgotten about Rowe. I do hope we give him an opportunity and not just shove him out on loan in January.

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Looks like it is a minority view, but when Dowell comes on I think he adds more of a forward threat, with clever and non-obvious passes. If the opposition have 10 behind the ball, I think he is a good option. Unfortunately, he now only comes on when Pukki goes off, which negates the impact.

He also did a few decent tackles and tracking back against Preston - which had been absent in previous games.

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